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Who’s the Better NFC QB Choice For NFL’s 2018 MVP: Stafford or Rodgers?

As we are getting ready to head into the 2018 season, predictions are being made about what will happen, including who will get picked as the NFL’s MVP. Many think that Tom Brady is the obvious frontrunner to win this award for the second year in a row.

However, recently a group of 7 ESPN insiders were asked to give their opinion on who they think deserves the award. Some of the QB names other than Brady that were considered included Carson Wentz, Drew Brees, and Jimmy Garoppolo. Four of the insiders selected Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay’s quarterback. Are you serious?

Rodgers was out for most of the season last year after suffering a collarbone injury early on in the season. He tried to return to help his team make the playoffs but wasn’t able to get the job done. It’s most likely that the reasoning behind the insiders’ choice is because Rodger’s suffered the same injury back in 2013 and was chosen to become the NFL’s MVP the next year.

While ESPN does recognize Matthew Stafford as the best choice for MVP from the Detroit Lions roster, I think they highly underestimate him. Stafford has consistently run toe-to-toe with Rodgers as far as stats are concerned and has done this with no real run game or pass protection.

Let’s compare stats from both quarterbacks from the 2016 season (to be fair to Rodger’s injury last year). Rodgers and Stafford had extremely close completion percentages: Rodgers was at 65.7 and Stafford was at 65.3. Both were close in yards with Rodgers beating Stafford by a 101 yards with 4,428 total. Rodgers had a much higher passer rating (104.2) than Stafford (93.3), but since then Rodgers has dropped to 97.2 while Stafford has climbed up to 99.3 in 2017.

The Detroit Lions have made extensive moves during the draft to beef up both their run game and pass protection. Green Bay suffered last year with a mediocre run game besought by injured running backs as well as poor pass protection efforts. Green Bay did pick up a few wide receivers to address its run game but nothing exciting. The Lions have beat Green Bay three times out of the last five games, even with Rodgers.

Matthew Stafford is an underdog quarterback that’s been given hardly any credit by the NFL and the media, despite carrying an entire team on his back. He has proven himself to be an outstanding leader even when faced with multiple injuries and poor team draft choices.

How in the world can anybody honestly consider Aaron Rodgers for 2018 MVP when he didn’t even make the season leader list for the top 30 quarterbacks, according to ESPN themselves? You know who did? Stafford at #7. Yet, ESPN insiders don’t even consider him as a real potential choice.

Matthew Stafford has much greater potential for being chosen as the 2018 NFL MVP. It’s a big mistake to overlook him. All he needs is the right mix of players to work with and he might just have been given that for this upcoming year with the moves Detroit made during the draft. Watch out, cause my prediction is I think everyone is going to see that lion roar pretty hard next year.   


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