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Matt Patricia Sings Matthew Stafford’s Praises

Head coach Matt Patricia delivered a press conference as we head into Memorial Day weekend. During the conference, he declined to deliver his stance on the NFL’s new anthem policy, stating he has yet to meet with Bob Quinn and Martha Ford about the issue. He also stated that his focus is on the current OTAs and making sure that the players understand the fundamentals of the game.

So far it seems that the players are doing extremely well understanding these fundamentals so far. He didn’t want to compare players, yet he did speak highly of one individual: QB Matthew Stafford. Here’s what he said:

“Stafford is phenomenal. He is work hard, tough, smart. Matthew is unbelievable. He loves this game. He loves football. He loves practice. He loves to prepare. He wants to know as much information as possible.”

He went on to say how great and fun it is that he can have “football conversations” with Stafford. What he meant by this is that he didn’t have to overly explain particular plays. The two could just simply get each other’s perspectives on different plays, without having to draw out a visual picture first.

It is great news for Lions fans to hear how much the new head coach believes in their beloved quarterback. If you want to listen to the entire press conference you can do so here:


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