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Dear Lions: A Bears Fan’s Perspective

Dear Lions,

As a long-standing Bears fan, I love and respect you. You will never hear me speak this out loud of course as I have chosen to Bear Down with a fierce loyalty over the course of many decades. Yet still, I get excited every time the Bears and Lions have a chance to face off against one another.

You see, I know that when both teams collide, the encounter brings back the glory of smash mouth football that has made this sport as great as it is today. I know both teams have their share of problems and setbacks. The Bears mainly falter under poor managerial decisions and cheap pocketbook behavior. You Lions struggle mightily under the glaring eyes of referees at the ready to nitpick your every move. It seems that the entire NFL doesn’t give either team much respect or even media attention for that matter. The Bears and Lions might as well be invisible for all they care.

Both teams also have their share of strengths. The Lions have a formidable offense with Matthew Stafford and his incredible throwing capacity. The Bears have always scrambled to find a halfway decent quarterback. The only real credit we Bears fans can really give to any quarterback is Jim McMahon with his 1985 Super Bowl win to his credit. You also recently had the intimidating Megatron who appeared to bat our players aside like they were baby cubs. And who could forget champion Motor City players such as Bobby Lane, Barry Sanders, Golden Tate, and Herman Moore, to name just a few.

Where you are focused on building a terrific offense, we were always concentrating on building a dominating defense. So much so that we were loving dubbed with the nickname Monsters of the Midway. The Bears middle linebacker Bill George created the 4-3 defense, and players such as Brian Urlacher, Michael Singletary, and Dick Butkus were formidable against the run game. I will give you credit here with fantastic players such as Ansah, Suh, and Robert Porcher, again to name just a few.

I hesitate to bring up the most memorable Lions-Bears moments, as they are gut wrenching experiences for Detroit. These include the horrible death of wide receiver Chuck Hughes, the only player to ever die on the NFL field, the horrible Calvin Johnson rule, and the illegal Ferguson Hit, otherwise known as “The Shot Heard Around The World.” We Bears fans share in your grief and commiserate with you. Sorry.

When the Bears and Lions meet eye to eye, I know you will come ready to throw down. There’s no petty drama, just pure hard-hitting entertainment in a fun rivalry we Bears fans look forward to every year. Plus, we Bear fans love how you share in our seething hatred of that self-righteous and arrogant team wearing green and yellow. It’s nice to know we both pray they fall flat on their smug faces so we can both bask in karma’s redeeming light. For both of us, it means we are both one step closer to that Super Bowl win we are both training so hard for each and every day.

This year, the Lions and Bears will get the opportunity to face on another on Thanksgiving Day with millions of fans watching every glorious moment. Our teams started this tradition in 1934 back when you were knowns as the Portsmouth Spartans. Even though the Bears won that day, the matchup was so successful it garnered you a slot on Turkey Day TV ever since.

Bring your A-game mighty Lions. We Bears fans are counting on you. We hope our team will do the same, and of course, may the best team win. Roar like the King of the Jungle we know you are. We’ll Bear Down against your every attack by standing tall and bearing our claws. See you soon on the field of battle. Your Chi-Town rival wishes you all the best this upcoming season.

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