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Lions on the Prowl Episode #10

In this week’s episode, Jim and Tim talk about the legendary quarterback Bobby Layne. Besides being known for his outstanding career in Detroit, he is also known for his supposed “curse” which said that the Lions wouldn’t win a championship for 50 years. Now 60 years later, his words have rung true since the Lions didn’t win any championship during that time. But was it really a curse, or something that the media exploited?

Also discussed in this episode are the upcoming potential changes with the kickoff rules and what we expect to see from Matthew Stafford with the new draft picks. We also discuss the recent news about ex-General Manager Matt Millen’s life-threatening health condition and his admission that he didn’t know what he was doing while he was in charge of the Lions team.

Maniac Tim delivers his first Maniac Monologue about the NFL bias on penalties and referees screwing up calls and how these things impact the impact of the game and the NFL’s credibility.

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