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Was Bob Quinn Building This Team For Matt Patricia All Along?

“I had heard about Matt from Bob for two years before we had the chance to meet and as I think I told him recently, I think he undersold him, and he was selling him,” -Team President Rod Wood


How long has Bob Quinn been building this team for Matt Patricia? Probably as long as he has been there. Rod wood recently said that he had heard about Matt Patricia for two years and was selling him to management.

Looking at Bob Quinn’s decisions for the last two years, it makes perfect sense that he was planning this move all along. From the draft to keeping Caldwell for one more season, it seems it was all part of the plan.

There were curious moves, such as some of Quinn’s draft choices on defense. A’Shawn Robinson, who is more of a Nose Tackle. He fit in the Teryl Austin defense, but when you install the Matt Patricia defense he’s a perfect fit. Patricia loves to run more of a 3-4 hybrid system where the defensive linemen, especially the tackles, eat up space and take on double teams and not rush the passer. A’Shawn is a 322 pound monster who fits the role perfectly.

Another example might just be Miles Killebrew. The Hybrid Safety was out-of-place in the Austin defense, but Matt Patricia loves the safety position. Patricia uses them to rush the passer and fill the gaps in the two gap system he runs. Guys like Killebrew, Tavon Wilson, Quandre Diggs and newly drafted Tracy Walker will have roles in this defense and fit better now then when they were acquired (except Walker who was acquired this year).

One of the best examples of players who may have been drafted for Matt Patricia’s defense well before his arrival is Jarrad Davis. The MIC Linebacker last season will now see his role expanded this season. In the two gap system the defensive linemen, eat up space, take on blockers and free up linebackers, corners and safeties to get to the quarterback. Davis will excel at this and be a much improved linebacker in this system.

Lastly keeping Caldwell makes more sense now, because Patricia still had one year left on his contract. Quinn could have moved on Patricia instead of giving Caldwell one more year, his strong ties to the Patriots and respect for their organization could have been the motivating factor there.

The pieces are all falling into place and Quinn has a plan, he’s had it since he has been here. Take heart Lions fans, there is a reason for everything he is doing, except maybe a long-snapper in the draft (wth ???). Everyone makes mistakes but it is clear that Quinn has a plan, In Quinn We Trust!!!

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